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Natural Stone Tile: Beautify Your Bathroom

Travertine TileNothing can match the organic appeal and luxurious character of natural stone. That is why many homeowners prefer to have such materials on their bathroom and kitchen floors and walls.

Types of Stones

Some of the most common natural stone tile options include marble, granite, limestone, pebble, onyx, slate, and travertine. Of these choices, marble is by far the most lavish and therefore expensive option.

In general, the price for natural stone tiles is based on a per square foot rate. Such tiles are usually sold as 12 by 12 inch squares rather than smaller mosaic style units.

Beautiful Features and Designs

The most appealing feature of natural stone tiles is that they have beautiful textures and patterns that cannot be replicated by man made craftsmanship. It is also impressive that natural stones have an array of bright colors that resemble today’s synthetic paints and other finishes.

Natural stones can have a smooth polished texture or a rough surface that truly resembles nature. Some of the stone tiles have man-made intricate patterns and decorations that are inspired by ancient decor such as Roman and Greek art.

Tiles made from natural stone bring unparalleled beauty to any bathroom, and the higher price is well worth it.  DirectBuy has a beautiful selection of tile and other home products at dealer prices.  Visit to learn more.

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