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Shower Tile Patterns

Shower TileThe tile in your shower doesn’t have to march along in neat little rows.  You can create beautiful patterns or use borders to add interest to the room and make it more attractive.  When you’re ready to install tile in the shower, consider doing something different and gorgeous.

Shower Tile Borders

Create your own border using a contrasting tile color, or invest in special mosaic borders that will add interest and visual appeal to any room.  The shower will be more attractive, making the entire room feel more refined and luxurious.

Use the Points of Shower Tile

Most tiles are installed in square rows, but you can easily create a harlequin pattern by pointing one corner down.  The diamond pattern is a little different, making it a great choice when you want to spice up a bland bathroom.  Alternate colors for a true harlequin effect, or keep the colors the same for a subdued pattern.

Get creative when installing tile in your shower.  You will make the room more appealing and beautiful, creating a space that is ultimately more relaxing and enjoyable.  Different patterns aren’t hard, but they can make a stunning difference.

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