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Uses for Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass TileGlass mosaic tile is a beautiful product that allows you to create a unique and sophisticated addition to a space. These tiles are typically 1/2-inch to 1-inch in size.

They are often adhered to a backing to make it easier to adhere to a wall or other surfaces. This also helps the tile to stay perfectly aligned. Use these mosaic tiles in the following manners to create an attractive space.


Mosaic tiles made of glass can be used for a backsplash in your kitchen and your bathroom. Use a backsplash that incorporates colors that are close to the colors of your countertops, floors or cabinets. This can help you coordinate all of the materials.


Mosaic tile can also be used to create a trim around the wall or a fixture in the room. For example, they can be used at the top of the shower tile to create a pretty look. You may also want to intermix these tiles together with other tiles to create a unique pattern.


Mosaic tile is particularly striking on a fireplace surround. The tile will reflect light around the room for an elegant appearance.

Mosaic glass tile can enhance every room of your home.  DirectBuy offers many types of beautiful tiles at confidential dealer prices.  Visit to find out more about these brand-name products.

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