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Caring for Slate Tile

Slate TileSlate tile looks great in a kitchen or a shower enclosure. If you are considering adding the beauty of slate to your home, you may be concerned about the maintenance requirements. The good news is that slate is easy to care for with these tips.

Seal the Tiles

An ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure. If you have luxurious slate, take the time to protect it. Sealers are available that will prevent water and stains from saturating your tiles and damaging them. Ideally, the tiles should be sealed before the wall is grouted to ensure that all edges are adequately protected.

Cleaning Products

Slate is a porous material, and certain cleaning products can damage it. Avoid using any vinegar, citrus cleaners, bleach or ammonia on your slate shower walls.

You will want to invest in organic cleaners that are pH neutral and safe for use on slate. When you purchase the materials, ask where you can find the right cleaners.

Slate tile is a luxurious choice for the bathroom. It looks amazing and will provide you with years of enjoyment. Taking the time to seal the tiles will protect them, and using the right cleaning products will allow you to avoid damaging them when you clean.

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