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How to Replace Shower Tiles

Shower TileMost homes have a shower in at least one of the bathrooms. Some of the nicest showers are those made from customized tile designs rather than completely store-bought shower units. The downside to these customized tiled showers is that when a tile is damaged or falls off, replacement can be a real struggle.

If you want to learn how to replace shower tile yourself, follow these instructions:

Replacing a Single Tile

If you have had just one tile fall off that needs to be replaced, then you can expect to have it back up in a matter of minutes. Simply apply thinset to the back of the tile and press it into place. You can use some grout in between the new tile and the existing ones. Be sure to let the whole thing dry at least one full day before using the shower.

Replacing All Your Shower Tiles

Pull all the old tiles off the shower wall and replace the backer board with a new dry piece. Install the tiles one by one using a pattern to determine where each tile will go.

This guide can help anyone to replace a single shower tile or even the whole shower in their home.  DirectBuy has a wide array of home improvement products including tile for showers to help you create a stylish bathroom.  You’ll enjoy dealer pricing on brand-name products for your home.

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