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A Guide to Natural Stone Tile Types

Marble TileIf you want to create a more upscale or unique look in your home then consider using natural stone tile instead of a more common choice like porcelain or ceramic. Many types of natural stone tiles are very attractive and durable flooring or wall options in bathrooms. With so many different types of natural stone materials to choose from you may not know which type is best. Use this guide for reference when making your decision.

Granite Tile

This is the most popular type of natural stone to be used as tile in bathrooms. Granite is the hardest and most durable natural stone and it adds a level of elegance to any room. Choose to have it polished and shining or even matte for a more rustic look.

Marble Tile

Marble is very similar to granite but is slightly more affordable and is slightly less hard. As long as you maintain it carefully there should be no issue with scratches or dents in the tile.

Slate Tile

Although this is often used in outdoor spaces it can look amazing in bathrooms for a way to blend the exterior and interior seamlessly.

These are just three of the most popular natural stone tile types to consider in your own bathroom.  Choose from marble, ceramic, glass, slate, travertine and more when you shop at DirectBuy.  You’ll find beautiful tile styles and designs, all at dealer pricing.


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