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Great Ideas for Using Slate Tile in the Bathroom

Slate TileSlate is natural material that is often used in home building and decorating. It is often thought of as a more exterior material to use surrounding patios or pools. Although it certainly looks good in this kind of setting, it can also be a unique touch in a more upscale bathroom.

Slate brings nature into the interior of a home in a seamless and impressive way. Here are some unique and creative ways to use slate tile in the bathroom:

Vanity Backsplash

Slate make for a unique backsplash in an otherwise ordinary bathroom. Use smaller slate tiles here whenever possible and have it installed between the bathroom sink and the vanity mirror above.

Flooring Material

Slate is naturally a porous material which means it can’t be used in wet environments in its natural form. After a coat of sealant, however, it is perfectly fine to use as a flooring choice in any bathroom for a more unique look.

Wall Accents

Slate works well surrounding a mirror, framing a window or as an accent wall in order to create a spa-like atmosphere in the room.

These suggestions are just three of the many ways to incorporate slate tile into your bathroom remodel.  DirectBuy has a wide array of home improvement products including slate tile to help you create a stylish bathroom.  You’ll enjoy dealer pricing on products for your home.

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