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Beautiful, Durable Slate Tile

Slate TileIt’s characteristics make slate tile an ideal choice for a variety of applications. Unlike other stone tile, slate is so dense that it typically doesn’t require sealing to keep it water-tight. Slate is also more affordable than stones like marble and travertine.

Slate Design Options

Slate offers subtle colors with dramatic style. Colors include muted green, purple, rust, gray and black. A single tile may contain several colors. Slate lends itself well to a patterned tile design, but tile applications featuring a single color are striking as well.

Slate provides a beautiful backdrop for bathrooms designed in earth tones and minimal decoration. It adds an additional layer of richness for luxury bathrooms as well. Gray slate is also a popular choice for sleek modern bathrooms.

Maintenance of Slate Tile

High quality slate is durable and resistant to stains and scratches. It resists acids and chemicals, too. Any scratches that do occur can be buffed out with an abrasive. Mineral oil can be applied to add a glossy sheen.

Slate flooring and wall tiles will last as long as you inhabit your home. Complementing both traditional and contemporary decorative styles, the natural beauty of slate tile makes it a great choice for bathrooms.

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