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Cool Bathroom Floor Tile Options

Bathroom Floor TileWhen you think of bathroom floor tile, you may picture little white and black mosaic tiles that march neatly across the room. However, floor tile for the bathroom has come an incredibly long way. While black and white mosaic tiles will still look great in the modern bathroom, there are other choices available.

Natural Stone

Create a consistent look and a luxurious feel by using the same stone on the floor that lines the shower walls. Many natural stone tiles are appropriate for use on the floor and shower wall, ensuring that everything matches and creating a sophisticated look.

Colored Ceramic

If you crave bold colors and fun designs, consider the benefits of ceramic tiles. Available in any impressive color you like, you can add ceramic to your floor to personalize the space and make it more attractive.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood isn’t usually an option for the bathroom due to the moisture, but engineered hardwood flooring is a good choice. The cross-ply construction gives it strength against humidity changes and the hard top layers of wood can withstand the occasional splash.

When you are looking at bathroom floor tile to create a beautiful new look in your bathroom, consider the different options that are available to you. Natural stone looks great, ceramic can be interesting and even whimsical, and engineered hardwood is an alternative you may not have considered.

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