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Two Unique Bathroom Wall Tiling Ideas

Bathroom Wall TileBathroom wall tile does not have to be a monochrome boring design. You can liven up your bathroom with some unique touches that will make your bathroom stand out. Two tiling styles that provide a one of a kind look are mosaic tiling and pebble tiling.

Mosaic Tile

Mosaics can be an incredible touch to any bath. From complex to simple patterns, a mosaic can be a focal point of the bathroom. Bright colored tile can be used to bring a dramatic flair to a neutral colored tile. Some mosaic tiles are used to tie the bathroom together, running the border of the walls, while other mosaics are central features of a tile shower or bath wall.

Pebble Tile

Using pebble wall tiles is a great way to avoid the ’tiled’ look. The seemingly random sizes and shapes creates a natural feel that few tiles can capture. When used in conjunction with traditional tiles, pebbled walls are a great way to place emphasis on areas behind sinks or shower walls.

Within these two basic bathroom wall tile types, there are virtually limitless variations. Full wall mosaics, pebble tile borders and all combinations in between can reflect your personal tastes and personality. Careful planning and a little extra time is all that is required.

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