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Transform Your Bathtub with Tile

Bathtub TileRegardless of which option you choose, tile adds a layer of sophistication and luxury to a bathroom. Tile makes a normal bathroom feel like a luxurious suite bathroom. Tub tile comes in a variety of formats and can be placed on or around your tub in a number of ways.

Tile Options

Stone tile can be used as a tub surround in order to provide a rustic and built in look to your bathroom. Granite tile provides a luxurious appearance to a tub. Marble tile provides the same appearance as a high end hotel. White subway tile or other porcelain tile can provide a crisp contrast to other colors in the room.

Tile Placement

Tile can be used around your bathtub in several ways. It can serve as an elegant tub surround to provide a custom look to the space. You can also cover the walls adjacent to the tub with tile for a sophisticated upgrade. Add tiles in a the form of a mural behind the tub to create a focal point in the room. You can also use one color tile for the main focus of the tile job and then add a few patterned pieces to make an elegant inlay.

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