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Add Bathroom Sparkle With Glass Tile

Glass TileBathrooms can often be decorated in a boring and unimpressive manner. Change the look of your bathroom by adding sparkling glass bathroom tile to the space. Glass tile provides many features and can be used in a variety of ways in your bathroom.

Features of Glass

Glass tile is available in a variety of formats. Glass tile is available in a mosaic format that can add a splash of color to your room. Larger glass tiles are also available.

Glass bathroom tile provides a reflective surface that makes a space feel larger than it really is. While ceramic tiles are typically available in neutral colors such as beige and white, glass tiles are available in nearly every color that is known to man.

Placement of Tiles

Glass tiles can be placed in a variety of places in your bathroom. Add glass tile behind your sink for a colorful backsplash. Line your bathtub or shower wall with glass tile to provide a feature wall. Another option is to place glass tile as a border around or between other forms of tile.

Glass tile adds color, warmth and character to a bathroom. Glass tile can easily transform a common bathroom into a beautiful spa like bathroom.

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