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Bathroom Tub Tile

Bathtub TileMany of today’s home builders and remodelers take a the shortcut of using a formed vinyl shower or tub surround in the bathroom. However, for someone looking for a special or custom-look finish, fully tiled tub walls are a much better choice.

Tile Types

Almost any type of tile can be used to finish a tub surround. Some popular choices right now include round penny tile, subway tile, and glass tiles. Any size of tile from very small to very large will work when choosing a tub tile. Choosing a more neutral tone is usually a better choice, since tastes may change, but it is not easy to switch out tile.


For this type of installation, it is highly recommended to utilize a professional. A tub surround is constantly subjected to water and steam, which can be very difficult on tile and grouting.

Tub tile can provide a uniquely finished look for a bathroom and will raise the value of a home more than the cost of the tile and installation.  DirectBuy has a wide array of home improvement products including many types of tile to help you create a stylish bathroom.  At DirectBuy, you’ll never pay hidden retail markup on brand-name products for your home.

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