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Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Glass Bathroom Tile

Glass Tiles Come in Various StylesIn many contemporary and spacious bathrooms you can find creative uses for glass bathroom tile. These smaller and attractive tiles come in a wide range of colors that add life and interest to any interior space.

In order to keep these tiles looking beautiful, it is important to follow a maintenance routine that focuses on this certain type of material. Follow these tips and tricks to maintain the glass tiles in your own bathroom:

Removing Soap Scum

Although glass tiles in general are very easy to clean, they are unfortunately quite susceptible to soap scum. This can tarnish the look of the tiles, so be sure to clean them weekly to remove the soapy buildup.

Create a mixture of vinegar and water to spray directly onto the tiles and wipe away with a soft rag. Make sure the tiles are dry to prevent any water stains from forming.

Tile Grout

The grout in between glass tiles can get dirty quickly, which lessens the sparkling effect of the glass. Clean the space between each tile with a soft toothbrush, being careful not to scratch the tile itself.

By removing soap scum on a regular basis and cleaning the grout between the glass tiles, you can have a clean bathroom that sparkles.  DirectBuy has a wide array of home improvement products including tile, to help you create a stylish bathroom.  You’ll save up to 50% on brand-name products for your home.

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