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Slate Tiles vs. Ceramic Tiles

Slate Tiles Come in Various ColorsWhen it comes to choosing the right tiling material for your bathroom, there are dozens of differing varieties.  Of course, color and design are an issue, but the biggest decision should be about which material you choose. One of the most common choices is ceramic tile.

This guide helps you to compare a more boutique choice, slate tile, with the more commonly found ceramic.

Ceramic Tile

This is perhaps the most commonly used tile in residential bathrooms. It is relatively affordable, and one of the easier tiling materials to install. It is strong, but not as hardy or durable as slate. On the whole, it makes a decent choice for a basic bathroom, especially if you are on a budget.

Slate Tile

This is one of the strongest tiling materials you can find. It will not scratch or dent easily, and can last for decades with proper maintenance. It will need to be cut with a wet saw, making it more expensive, labor-wise. However, the upscale look you get with slate tile is the reason it is so often chosen in luxury homes.

Those with a tighter budget may want to stick with ceramic tiles, while slate is a wonderful option for a more unique look in your bathroom.  Save up to 50% off retail at DirectBuy where you will find a wide selection of top-quality tile to help you express your style and creativity in your bathroom. You can also purchase most everything you need for kitchen remodeling and home improvement at the same savings.


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    Slate Tiles vs. Ceramic Tiles | Bathroom Tile Direct Blog…

    Ceramic is one of the most popular bathroom tiles, but give slate a look to see if it might give you the unique look you want in your bathroom. Slate is durable and beautiful….

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