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Natural Stone Tile Selection for Bathrooms

Natural stone creates beauty in the bathroomSelecting the right natural stone tile to suit the design of a bathroom and create a look through its texture, appearance and strength can contribute to a bathroom’s appeal. The right choices depend upon each bathroom’s design and qualities of the stones.

Design Influences on Tile Selection

The right stone tile for walls, floors and backsplashes can be necessarily different from each other. For example, mosaic tiles can be especially appropriate for wet floors or as borders for larger tiles. Large stone tiles are popular for simple, classic looks that show off the surface of natural stone.

Stone Appearance, Texture and Durability

Granite can offer bold colors and textures with strength. Marble is a champion of high-end decor with its contrasting base and vein colors, although it is more fragile than granite. Travertine comes in a range of neutral, beige colors that offer warmth, but it is more easily stained than granite or marble. Slate offers a wide range of color and textures, making it useful for use as accent material.

The types of natural stone tile have colors, variations and strength that make them uniquely suited for use in bathrooms. Selecting a durable stone that complements their bathroom design attractively brings homeowners lasting enjoyment.

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