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Interior Design Aspects of Bathroom Wall Tile

Add beauty to your bathroom with unique tileBathroom wall tile should be functional — providing a solid surface and resisting water. However, bathroom tile can be selected for its aesthetic qualities as well as its functional ones. Bathroom tile is a significant part of the interior design of a room through the surface it provides and the appearance it creates.

Function and Appearance

Bathroom wall tile that creates a water resistant surface for a shower or bath or as a sink backsplash is useful. Tile can also serve purely decorative functions, such as a horizontal row of tile across a wall to create a visual divider.

Creating Looks

Wall tile can be added to bathroom walls to create ambiance. Tile colors, patterns and styles all influence the overall appearance of bathrooms. For example, delicate floral patterns contribute to girly bathroom designs, and sport themed tiles are popular bathroom decor for emerging athletes.

Solid colors and simple designs of bathroom tile are often used to create crisp, clean backgrounds for other bathroom decor. For this reason, wall tiles can be an overlooked part of interior design considerations for the bathroom. However, from crisp, clean backgrounds to bold colors, designs and patterns that hold their own, wall tile can play a significant role in the look and feel of bathrooms.

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