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The Pros and Cons of Travertine Tile

Travertine Tile Comes in Various Sizes and Styles.Natural stone has long been a desirable choice to use in bathrooms and kitchens. Nothing conveys elegance and sophistication better than the look of natural stone.

However, in many cases items like granite can be too expensive for use in many residential homes. Becoming more and more popular is the less expensive natural stone travertine, which can be used in the bathroom.

Travertine bathroom tile is a great choice, but like any material, has pros and cons.  You need to consider both sides of the coin before settling on travertine tile.


Pros of Travertine Bathroom Tile

As a natural stone, it is both durable and attractive, and can easily last for decades, if not a lifetime. It can be used as a flooring tile or on bathroom walls, and has a one of a kind look that stands out. Also, it is less expensive than marble, although with a finish it looks remarkably similar.

Cons of Travertine Bathroom Tile

The cons of travertine are essentially that the porous surface can lead to problems with care. However, if tiles are properly sealed, the problem is non-existent. Like many natural stone tiles, it needs to be professional installed unless you have the knowledge and experience to do it yourself.

Whether you choose to use travertine as a flooring or wall choice, it makes for a wonderful and attractive bathroom tile.  You can find many beautiful designs, shades, and sizes to fit beautifully with your bathroom decor.

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