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Tiling Your Bathtub

Glass mosaic tile is beautiful on the tub wallTiling puts a fancy touch to a bathroom. There is more flexibility with working with tiles than with an already-made, plastic bathtub that comes in a kit.

Bathtubs with tile in the background are beautiful.  This application also allows for easier cleaning since tiles are easy to maintain.

The Set-Up of Tiles

There are many different types of tile you can use in your bathtub area.  Glass mosaic, ceramic, natural stone, etc. all make beautiful bathtub applications.

Install tile on the wall area or on the tub surround.  Be creative with different designs or patterns to make a truly unique installation.

Why Choose Tiles for a Bathtub?

When considering the difference between a bath kit with a plastic wall surround and using tile on the wall area, tiles usually win out. They make a more interesting and beautiful design than a plastic surround.

Tiles are also easy to clean and maintain.  When kept properly sealed and clean, they will not fade over time as plastic might.  Tiles in general give you more power to put your creativity to use and create the perfect bathtub.

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