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Tub Tile and Caulking

If your tub tile is looking dingy, you can freshen it up with new tile or simply by recaulking the existing tile. If it’s time for a bathroom upgrade, you should also replace the tile on the tub, especially if it’s an outdated color. You can choose from several sizes of tile, from small 1-inch tiles to larger tiles.

Tile Choice

Choose a tile that you will be happy with for several years. Smaller tiles could be used to make designs in the wall for a personalized bathroom, as they come in several colors. You can also purchase small tiles as sheets of tile for easier installation. Larger tiles are easier to install and take less time, but don’t allow for much creativeness for specialized designs.


Before you caulk the joints between the tub tiles, make sure no mildew remains. You can spray the areas with a mixture of 1 quarts liquid chlorine bleach, 3 quarts warm water and 1/3 cup powdered laundry detergent. Spray it on the mildewed spots and let it set until the spots turn white. Rinse the area, then dry it thoroughly with a hair dryer.

To keep the caulk even, use blue painter’s tape next to the joints. You won’t have to worry about getting caulk on the tiles — simply peel the tape off when you’re finished with the caulking job for nice, straight caulk lines.

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